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Oriental Empires Discussion / Random Map Generation
« Last post by athineos on January 15, 2018, 07:31:25 PM »
I am thinking about purchasing this game. I would like to know about more about Random Map generation/scenarios. The manual does not contain any specific details about this feature. where can I get more info on how the Random Maps work and all the options the player has to generate a custom game/random map with the AI? I need details please. Thanks
Oriental Empires Discussion / Re: Adding Warring States Factions into Custom Games?
« Last post by dogy_kane on January 11, 2018, 05:32:14 PM »
On my second thought, probably a smart decision to avoid the Three Kingdoms period, considering Creative Assembly just announced 'Total War: Three Kingdoms' today.
Its a pretty crowded area already.
Oriental Empires Discussion / Re: Adding Warring States Factions into Custom Games?
« Last post by Neutron on January 09, 2018, 12:00:57 PM »
No particular plans no.

Once the game is opened for modding, then I'm sure modders will make many more factions available, and those who want a hundred factions to choose from will be able to have them.
Oriental Empires Discussion / Re: Adding Warring States Factions into Custom Games?
« Last post by Trorey on January 09, 2018, 09:34:52 AM »
While it would be cool what Kane is suggesting, I completely understand your point of view, Neutron. Are you planning of "promoting" any of the cooler minor faction to a major one in the future by any chance though?
Oriental Empires Discussion / Re: Adding Warring States Factions into Custom Games?
« Last post by Neutron on January 02, 2018, 10:07:03 PM »
Wei, Zhao, Qi and Yan are already available in custom games, just scroll down to the bottom of the list.

The minor factions aren't allowed, because I want to keep the list of factions to reasonable number as the game develops and more content gets added. If you could play any minor faction from any scenario, the list of allowed factions would become very long, and it'd be very difficult to make meaningful distinctions between them all, difficult to maintain distinct color schemes, and time consuming to scroll though the hundreds of options to find the one you want.

Thanks for the thoughts on a Three Kingdoms scenario. Interestingly, my main Chinese advisor advised against it, because of the existing games by Koei and others. I think it's a scenario that will ultimately end up in the game, but the game needs a deeper political system first to really capture that period.
Oriental Empires Discussion / Re: Is there any real effect on ressources?
« Last post by Neutron on January 02, 2018, 09:56:02 PM »
Resources and exploration are important, just not to the extent that lack of a particular resource prevents you building certain things.

In historical terms, the only resource I can think of, the lack of which caused problems, was horses. I did spend considerable time trying to devise a way to incorporate that into the game, but ultimately never found a solution I liked.

From a game play perspective, if particular resources are going to be required for anything vital to progress in the game, they have to be made common enough that almost all players will have access to them, and in that case why bother having the dependency at all.
Yes, realistically weapons could be shipped around, but then you'd either have an infinite supply of them, or you'd have to count how many had been produced and have a bunch of complication for determining where they're shipped and stored. Some people might enjoy that sort of micromanagement hell, but I'm afraid OE isn't going to go that way.
I can have an iphone although I don't live in Shenzhen.

The whole point of having and empire is to have certain regions specialized in something. In one region food is simple to grow, somewhere else ore is abundant. You won't make mines in the first region where there is no ore and you won't force people to mass produce rice in a barren hilly area where clearly there is ore to be mined however no fertile soil.

If copper can be "somehow traded"-judging from certain thread, then definitely advanced weapons can be put in a crate and shipped to the place where army is being mustered, even though that is three cities over. 
Since what I just described would be too easy in terms of gameplay, pezet proposal makes perfect sense...
You don't want to build smithy somewhere? Do you think you can afford marching your troops to the other side of the empire just to get new weapons instead of pressing them into the front line? Go ahead and do it.

This would also promote smart development of your cities. You won't make smithy in some obscure area but close to your frontier, which is on the flip side more dangerous because enemy can wreck it. 

Oriental Empires Discussion / Re: Is there any real effect on ressources?
« Last post by pras on December 27, 2017, 06:13:36 PM »
This thing with resources bothers me as well.

I find it annoying because in the game it:
- Doesn't promote exploration.                                       - what is the point of going around the map at the beginning?
- Doesn't promote smart expansion and land grab.          - let me settle somewhere that gives me clear advantage... or... let me conquer that city because it has certain advantage that I want/need
- Doesn't give you clear advantage over someone.          -  I put an effort of scouting a deposit and settling near it for a reason... to roll over that steppe scum in my shiny armor.. which they cannot have since all they know is grass

Let's think about it.
Wars were fought over something as silly as cinnamon, let alone something as strategically important as certain raw materials.
Realistically, sure, anything can be traded. However, down the line, someone had to mine it from a deposit that cannot be pulled out of nothing. Copper is not like... bitcoin  ;D

Let's say that my empire doesn't have copper. I need to know someone who mines it. Or someone who knows someone that does (or even worse... someone that knows someone that has a friend... I mean you get it right?). The latter should mean that me obtaining copper will be even more expensive IF they are willing to trade it in the first place. I have limited knowledge of Chinese history but I bet there were wars between factions because one faction didn't want to sell copper to another.
Point is, I just described at least 4 game-play mechanics, that are missing in the game.

Resources on the map should be important. They should influence how you settle, who you go in war with and will your army fight with stones and leather armour or will it be more technologically advanced.
Clearly this is a CIV inspired game... just look at how they solve this thing out. Probably you hate me for saying the last part but... it is what it is.
Oriental Empires Discussion / Re: How to persuade In becoming vassals?
« Last post by dogy_kane on December 25, 2017, 11:59:54 AM »
One way ALWAYS work for me

  Once u beat the shit out of a faction, especially when ur military strengths is several times higher than his (u can compare ur military strength with his in STATS section), then what u need to do is: 1. Offering peace and 2. Transferring at least one city back to him; in this case, they almost always agree to become ur vassal.

  Offering only peace is often not enough and add money on the deal is always costly, but a city (even a shitty city) means a lot to them.

  However, since ur new vassal is recently beaten by u, it will take many turns for ur vassal to become strong enough to help u, sometimes more than a hundred turns.
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