Author Topic: Question about bandits and battle stances  (Read 144 times)


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Question about bandits and battle stances
« on: July 11, 2019, 04:54:38 PM »
Hello everyone,

I just bought the game and started grand campaign on max difficulty level.

I would like to ask you, how do you manage chasing off those bandits that are almost everywhere on the start of the game ?

Being more specific:
1. Is there a better solution to protect your farms than ordering your troops to run around your city every turn using Shift button ? Sometimes it is hard to predict, where those bandits will go and if you have many farms and let's say 2 armies of 2 units, while bandits have 3 x 1-unit armies, how to effectively chase them off ? Also, I would like to mention my concern about returning of those bandits. I already read on this forum, that developers try to look at this from the perspective of the player, whose army have been overrun to let him have some of his units alive but I think this "policy" could be loosened while facing bandits. It is pretty time consuming to always micromanage small armies to organise circling moves around your city in hope that this 1 (10% hp) unit of bandits will not plunder your farms on the edge of the city again.

2. How effectively use your archers ? In my game, I sent 1 militia melee unit (attack stance) and 1 militia archer unit (skirmish) against 1 militia melee unit of bandits. My archers rushed forward, made 2 - 3 attacks from bows, then they engaged in melee and got slaughtered. While they were retreating, my melee unit finally engaged bandits and I won, whilst having my archers strenght reduced by more than half. What stances should I take in those situations to prevent my archers from early melee and to force them to hide behing melee units ?

I look forward to read your advices, many thanks !