Author Topic: Very innovative gameplay! I have a question about economy though?  (Read 13048 times)


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I have been playing the game for around 20 hours so far, and I have to say that I love the concept. It has the potential to be one of the greatest games I have seen in this genre with a few adjustments here and there. I am playing a campaign and have gotten to the point where I am about to start warring with other factions, but I need to strengthen my economy first. I have seen other threads pertaining to this, but they don't seem to be asking for the specific answers I am looking for.

I am confused about how to best make use of trade, goods, and generate more income? I have tried several ideas, and I can't seem to figure out how the trade works. I experimented with building silk weavers, but found that in some areas it did not seem to help the income at all and became a liability with the 100 per turn upkeep cost. The same with markets, bazaars, pottery facilities, foundry, etc.

Understanding and creating a working economy can be hard, but my question is fairly simple though:

Does the game operate like Civilization games, where each city is completely independent from each other in the supply and demand chain? Meaning ... is it best to build one of everything (markets, silk weavers, pottery, etc) in each city, in order to just crank out as much revenue as possible. Or do the city's supply and demand effect each other, making it more beneficial to limit the supply of some goods for the sake of value?

I would like to have a better understanding of how to build out the facilities and industries in order to maximize the income. How do markets, bazaars, caravansary effect each other, and should they be located in every city? Or would it be better if you limit the markets and caravansaries to just one or two and have bazaars in every city?  How do they effect each other's income if at all?

Thank you for your help, and I truly am enjoying what I have seen so far!
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Re: Very innovative gameplay! I have a question about economy though?
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Hi Indianerz

Glad to hear that you're enjoying the game so far.

The key point to remember about trade, is that the demand can only be met once. For instance if a city has a silk weaver, you will get money for satisfying the demand for silk there (demand just depends on population). If it doesn't have a silk weaver, then the demand can be satisfied by importing it from a city that does. Each building can satisfy infinite demand, so you want to have as few buildings as possible producing goods (to minimize upkeep), and meet demand by exporting. You need a bazaar to export, so to some extent you want to concentrate your resource producing buildings in one city.

However, local specialties produced by each the bazaar are unique to each city, and so can be imported even if the city has a bazaar, so if it city is surrounded by other cities with large populations, it will be profitable to build a bazaar even if it produces nothing else to export.

Bazaar's are the basic building you need to export. They also produce local specialties to export, and increase the money you receive from goods produced in the city. Markets are just an improved version of a bazaar that increase your income from exports, but cost more in upkeep. Caranansaries allow a city to re-export goods that they import, but don't produce.

I'm happy to answer questions here, but you'll find more discussion on the Steam forums.

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Re: Very innovative gameplay! I have a question about economy though?
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Thanks for the help. That makes sense. The upkeep on some buildings seems really high, but I guess it generates more income later in the game. I take it that the early game's income is based primarily on taxes then.


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Re: Very innovative gameplay! I have a question about economy though?
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Yes that's right
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